Exploring the Universe with Ultrahigh-Energy Neutrinos

Ultrahigh-energy neutrinos are a unique way to look deep into the most powerful cosmic-ray accelerators, learn about the Universe’s evolution, and search for new fundamental physics.

One of the last windows to the Universe yet to be opened is that of neutrinos with more than petaelectronvolt energies. Neutrinos are subatomic elementary particles that result when cosmic rays collide with other particles. Their extreme energies make them one of the best tools for learning how cosmic rays can accelerate to their extreme energies and searching for new fundamental physics, which should reveal itself at the highest energies.

Trinity is optimized for the detection of petaelectronvolt and more energetic neutrinos. Trinity will provide answers to outstanding questions in both astrophysics and particle physics. What are the most powerful particle accelerators in the Universe? How did the universe evolve? Is there new fundamental physics waiting to be discovered?